Joanna Reagan Ewing

Urban Outfitters Social Media

Urban Outfitters Social Media

As Global Executive Creative Director, I oversaw the direction and execution of Urban Outfitters' 50+ global, national, and local social channels and in-house social media team. In 2015 we relaunched UO's social strategy and direction as part of a greater evolution of the brand's visual aesthetic.

The updated direction focused intently on moving content, Instagram stories, and influencer marketing. Campaigns leveraged a mobile-first mindset, reflective of the customer journey. With a streamlined focus on photographic quality, compelling content, and customer and employee contributors, UO experienced unprecedented social growth during this time.

A curated ecosystem of image-makers and artists contributed to the aesthetic appeal of UO's digital community. Each photograph is a testament to their personal vision and skill. Deepest gratitude goes to UO's social team and network of photographers, stylists, and creators —truly best in the business. 

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Photographers + Creators
AJ Quon, Aaron Yabes, Alayna Giovannitti, Alyssa Edmond, Anajah Hamilton, Andrew Kearns, Brandon Hayden, Caitlyn Poli, Carley Thornhill, Caro Ramirez, Delaney Poli, Derrick Austinson, Devyn Galindo, Evan Tetreault, Flaco Creative, Lynn Kostelny, Magda Wozinska, Magdalena Fountoukidis, Mayan Toledano, Madelynn De La Rosa, Mia Colona, Michael Persico, Natalie Fong, Nathan Szwarc, Nesrin Danan, Renee Byrd, Sage Adams, Sarah Kunst, Sheewa Salehi, Tessa Barton, Tonya Smith, Tyler MacDonald, Viktoria Dahlberg

Director of Creative Marketing + Content 
Rachel Albright
Brand Marketing Managers
Casey Zhang, Jo Gowans-Eglinton, Lynn Kostelny
Social Media + Video 
AJ Quon, Alayna Giovannitti, Alyssa Edmond, Caitlyn + Delaney Poli, Dana Rich, Derrick Austinson, Ella Erlich, Karl Beyer, Sarah Kunst, Sarah Satherley, Sheewa Salehi, Tyler MacDonald

Global Executive
Creative Director,
Brand Marketing + Imagery
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

Project Date

Urban Outfitters
Digital IQ: 126

“Urban Outfitters also gets the second-highest engagement on Instagram, thanks to a combination of quality content and frequent story activity.”

—L2 Report, Top Ten Retailers in Digital 2017