Joanna Reagan Ewing


Branded Content

Beginning in 2015, the UO Creative Marketing team developed and executed ongoing branded content programming in partnership with Fujifilm. Built around the iconic square Instax frame and the concept of making shared memories with our customers, our seasonal activations covered annual demographic milestones inclusive of back-to-school, gift-giving, and festival season.

Driven largely by translating Fuji's analog format to a present-day digital creative direction, our content strategy was fueled by editorial placement, music festival integration, community events, DIY and instructional content, user-generated campaigns, and influencer seeding. 

Deepest thanks to the Fujifilm and UO partnership teams for their ongoing support of the UO Community Cares program and the Fujifilm + GLSEN benefit auction.

Credits + Thanks

Brand Partner

Fuji Gallery Artists
Andrew Supnet, Chris Kennedy, Corbin Chase, Dana Washington, Dario Castillo, Iris Ray, James Stanciell, Jill Beth Hannes, Joe Pinto, Joyce Kim, Kayla Reefer, Kevin Houlahan, Lindsay Crowder, Madison Nunes, Martin Cartagena, Micaiah Carter, Monet Lucki, Nicholas Edmond, Oriana Koren, Raul Jimenez, Rayana Chumthong

Director of Creative Marketing + Content
Rachel Albright
Director of Brand Marketing
Stacey Britt-Fitzgerald
Creative Director, Brand Imagery
John Murphy
Brand Marketing Managers
Casey Zhang + Lynn Kostelny
Spaces Director
Tania Enriquez

Executive Creative Director,
Brand Marketing + Imagery
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

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