Joanna Reagan Ewing

Urban Outfitters Studio

Urban Outfitters Studio

The creative direction of Urban Outfitters' e-commerce studio relaunch was spearheaded with the goal of elevating the merchandise, reattracting the brand's core customer and increasing conversion. 

I was responsible for the global UO site photography look and feel, as well as hiring, directing and managing teams of art directors, photographers, producers, stylists, and studio talent.

The redesigned UO studio concept involved a cohesive system of surfaces, sets, and backdrops that allowed photographers to take advantage of environmental details and natural light.

Our talented team was able to create freely within this new flexible framework while maintaining an efficient workflow. The resulting visceral, natural photography contributed to the recognizable look and feel of the brand.

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Aileen Bannon, Alexa Quinn, Benjamin Russell, Caro Ramirez, Clint Colbert, Colin Leaman, Devyn Galindo, Doug Weissman, Jon Stars, Manny Dominguez, Michael Persico

Art Directors, Brand Imagery
Christine Thornton, John Murphy, Bobby Whigham
Associate Art Directors, Brand Imagery
Gianna Vadino, Jenna Yakun, Jennifer Edmonson

Studio Director
Aileen Bannon
Lead Stylists
Alexandra Gutierrez, Brittany Asam, Carolyn Doolittle, Kelsi Windmiller, Lauren Blane, Molly Donovan
Lead Post-Production 
Jason Laudeman, Regina Cambria, Taylor Saya

Executive Creative Director, 
Brand Marketing + Imagery 
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

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