Joanna Reagan Ewing



+ UO

Inspired by her individualistic style and compelling performance in American Honey, Urban Outfitters tapped actress Sasha Lane for the international Spring 2017 release of the Vans + UO women's collection. Photographed in London, Sasha responded to Vans' seasonal concept by presenting her personal take on the theme of "strength in style."

Campaign assets included editorial photography, interview content, printed matter, mobile video, e-commerce creative, and in-store display. A collaborative panel discussion and performance by hip-hop artist Lil Sims at the House of Vans rounded out the collection launch.

Credits + Thanks

Brand Partner

RJ Shaughnessy
Sasha Lane

Creative Director, Brand Imagery
Nabil Aliffi
Director of Content + Curation
Rachel Albright
Director of Brand Marketing
Stacey Britt-Fitzgerald
Styling Lead
Molly Donovan

Global Executive
Creative Director,
Brand Marketing + Imagery
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

Project Date
Spring 2017

“Shot in an especially charming area of London by RJ Shaughnessy, Sasha rocks her Vans x Urban Outfitters gear with the kind of shine that she so easily radiates.”

—Teen Vogue, Vans x Urban Outfitters to Launch New Collection With Sasha Lane