Joanna Reagan Ewing

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Creative Direction

Urban Outfitters has a unique legacy of cultivating meaningful relationships with established and emerging photographers, image-makers, and creative talent. 

Beginning as Art Director in 2008 and growing into a career-spanning creative leadership and marketing role, I was responsible for developing and evolving Urban Outfitters' photographic sensibility during this time. 

Acting most recently as Global Executive Creative Director, I led a highly talented in-house team in the elevation and refinement of the brand's emotional and visceral imagery. Inclusive of casting, production, styling, merchandising, editing, and post-production, each shoot is a testament to the teamwork, skill, and individual talent involved. 

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Aileen Bannon, Alexa Quinn, Benjamin Russell, Bobby Whigham, Cara Worchester, Caro Ramirez, Cass Bird, Clement Pascal, Clint Colbert, Daniel Shea, Devyn Galindo, Jeff Vallee, Joseph Hunt, Joseph Webb, Magdalena Wosinska, Manny Dominguez, Marlene Marino, Matteo Montanari, Petra Collins, RJ Shaughnessy, Stella Berkofsky, Tim Barber, Vava Ribero, Wai Lin Tse

Creative Directors, Brand Imagery
Bobby Whigham, Christine Thornton, John Murphy, Nabil Aliffi
Styling Leads
Brittany Asam, Carolyn Doolittle, Katherine Anderson, Lauren Blane, Molly Donovan, Stephanie Iselin, Kimberly Bruckbauer 
Production Directors
Anouck Bertin, Meghan Eng, Winona Barton-Ballentine
Post-Production Leads
Taylor Saya, Sheena Allen

Executive Creative Director,
Brand Marketing + Imagery 
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

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