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UO Community

UO Community

A company-wide endeavor spanning corporate, creative, and retail teams worldwide, this initiative represents an enduring effort on the part of many individuals at Urban Outfitters. It's also the work I am most proud to have been a part of in my thirteen-year career at UO.

With the support of corporate and senior leadership, the Creative Marketing team developed the UO Community Cares program to unite Urban Outfitters employees and customers together through philanthropy, events, and collaborations that give back.

UO-CC acts as a vehicle for marketing activations in support of national non-profits and grassroots organizations. Under the umbrella of UO-CC, we unite artists with causes close to their hearts: Connor Franta and Taylor Bennet for GLSEN, The Internet for VH1's Save the Music, and Hinds for Austin's Attendance Records. 

Over the years, the program grew as sponsors, artists, and brands joined efforts on large-scale concepts conceived and designed by our in-house teams. Thank you to the many, many people involved in the incredible labor of love and hard work that is UO-CC, and to Urban Outfitters for empowering employees and customers to act as agents for change.

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Director of Brand Marketing 
Stacey Britt Fitzgerald
Director of Content + Curation 
Rachel Albright
Marketing Manager, UO Community
Ethan Blades
Events Director
Meaghan Creamer
Spaces Director
Tania Enriquez
Music Director
Ron Ubaldo
Brand Marketing Manager
Lynn Kostelny
Social Media + Video
AJ Quon, Alayna Giovanitti, Karl Beyer

Global Chief Executive
Creative Director
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

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