Joanna Reagan Ewing

Teen Vogue Panel

Teen Vogue Panel

Whether tied to omnichannel marketing campaigns, built with brand or media partners, or driven by store teams eager to connect with their local communities, these events provided a unique opportunity for our customers to connect with each other in real life and then digitally via live social broadcasting.

The highlight of our curated panel events was a project assembled by the Creative Marketing team in close partnership with Teen Vogue for SXSW Interactive 2017. It was a remarkable and humbling honor to collaborate with the Teen Vogue editorial team and the voices they brought to our stage at Space24Twenty in Austin.

Deepest thanks to the many hands involved. Beyond acquisition and algorithm, the brand-to-customer relationship is also one where we can collectively shape a world worth sharing.

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Media Partner
Teen Vogue

Director of Creative Marketing
Stacey Britt Fitzgerald
Director of Content + Curation
Rachel Albright
Events Director
Meaghan Creamer
Marketing + Events, Space24Tweny
Cristina Fisher
Brand Marketing Manager
Lynn Kostelny
Social Media + Video
AJ Quon, Alayna Giovannitti, Karl Beyer 

Global Executive
Creative Director, 
Brand Marketing + Imagery
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

Project Date
Spring 2017

“The curation of important discussions through social media will help future generations, and, most importantly for the panelists, future voters...

...When Welteroth asked the panelists about what gives them hope, Dunham replied, ’I feel really hopeful about young people.’ ”

- Orange Magazine, 
The Future of Arts + Activism as Told by Teen Vogue

“It kills me that we live in a world where we question people’s humanity…nothing defines a human except their heart, mind, words, and actions. That makes you a human.”

— Lauren Jauregui, Urban Outfitters + Teen Vogue In Conversation