Joanna Reagan Ewing

Nasty Gal Creative Direction

Nasty Gal Creative Direction

Nasty Gal was first of its kind as a female-entrepreneur led fashion brand with a cult-like following of fans across the globe. In 2011, I was asked to join as the brand's first Creative Director with the goal of transforming Nasty Gal from eBay store into household name.

I led our team in conducting organic market research and customer outreach which we then developed into guiding documents used to shape the brand's purpose and identity. The new Nasty Gal paid homage to the irreverent attitude of the brand's eBay origins while moving towards the future with a bright aesthetic that popped with the same enthusiasm as its most ardent fans. It was truly the first millennial pink brand.

Much like the name Nasty Gal, the brand imagery and voice were designed to generate an immediate, cheerfully visceral response. This authentic aesthetic was at the core of our photography, social media, casting, styling, packaging, marketing, copywriting and PR approach, all developed within the creative department in the early startup phase. Each step of the creative decision-making process held to this customer-led branding strategy. The consistent, immediately recognizable brand image spread rapidly. Our social fan base jumped from 50,000 to over 500,000 within a few short months.

Nasty Gal officially relaunched in April 2012. Subsequently, it became the fastest-growing retailer in the United States according to the 2012 Inc. Magazine 5000 list. By year's end, Nasty Gal's sales quadrupled and $40 million in venture funding was secured as part of the fast-fashion e-commerce boom.

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Devyn Galindo, Eliot Lee Hazel, Hugh Lippe, Paul Trapani

Anja Konstantinova, Ajak Deng, Chrishell Stubbs, Daniela Braga, Frida Aasen, Kate Harrison, Naomi Preizler, Shanina Shaik

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Sarah Kissell
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Sarah Lee
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Liz Armstrong
Ashley Glorioso, Nicholas Rivera, Stacey Nishimoto
Brett Spencer

Creative Director
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Sophia Amoruso

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