Joanna Reagan Ewing

Nautica + UO

Nautica + UO

For the debut of the Nautica + UO collection, I led the Urban Outfitters' Imagery and Marketing teams in the conception, direction, and execution of our Fall 2016 campaign and subsequent releases. 

Centered around the casting of Atlanta hip-hop artist Lil Yachty, our launch strategy and campaign creative served brand partners and artists alike in cross-promotion of the exclusive collaboration. Assets included editorial photography, mobile video, social media, site and app creative, in-store display, plus a multi-city meet-and-greet tour and pre-launch event during ComplexCon in Long Beach, California. 

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Brand Partner

Editorial Photographer 
Daniel Shea
Lil Yachty

Creative Director, Brand Imagery
Bobby Whigham
Director of Creative Marketing + Content
Rachel Albright
Senior Marketing Manager
Stacey Britt-Fitzgerald
Events Manager
Meaghan Creamer
Music Director
Ron Ubaldo
Styling Leads
Jason Fenech +
Stephanie Iselin

Executive Creative Director,
Brand Marketing + Imagery
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

Project Date
Fall 2016