Joanna Reagan Ewing

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Experiential + Events

For brick-and-mortar retail, a digital-first mindset is essential for a memorable (and phone-worthy) brand experience. The screen is the new shop window; the store is now a stage for customers' personal brand storytelling in first-person POV. 

Creative concepts spanned large-scale in-store music performances, grand openings, workshops and classes, panel discussions, pop-up shops, product drops, and the first-ever home furnishings showroom for Urban Outfitters. Whether local or global, each moment was conceived as both an intimate IRL gathering and broadcast-worthy creative opportunity for highly engaged customers and employees.

Many thanks to the UO Visual, Art, and Retail teams for the stunning visuals, displays, and customer service. Communication and collaboration was key to orchestrating each of these memorable brand events.

Credits + Thanks

Director of Creative Marketing + Content
Rachel Albright
Director of Brand Marketing 
Stacey Britt Fitzgerald 
Events Directors
Meaghan Creamer +
Simon Burd
Events Marketing Manager
Michael Hogan
Spaces Director
Tania Enriquez
Spaces Marketing + Events
Cara Flaherty, Cristina Fisher, Sheewa Salehi 
Music Director
Ron Ubaldo
Music Marketing Manager
Corbin Spier-Marrone

Global Executive
Creative Director, 
Brand Marketing + Imagery
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

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