Joanna Reagan Ewing

Purpose Tour

Purpose Tour

Global Merch Launch

In marketing Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour collection for Urban Outfitters, our strategy was clear: maximize brand awareness and customer acquisition by capitalizing on fan momentum.

The Creative Marketing team orchestrated major product launch events in five key international markets, followed by a global e-commerce release 48 hours later. Strategic pre-press and product seeding garnered record-setting social buzz for Urban Outfitters. 

From Berlin, to London, New York, and Los Angeles: witnessing each timed release hit was like watching the clock strike midnight on New Year's Eve around the world. The collection sold out two times over; first in stores, and then online. 

Deepest thanks to our store leadership teams and merchant partners, whose collaboration and communication gave us the opportunity to engage our global audience in a way we never had before.

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Brand Partners
Bravado, Universal Music Group

Editorial Photographer
Micheal Lockley + Rio Allison

Creative Director, Brand Imagery
Nabil Aliffi
Director of Brand Marketing
Stacey Britt Fitzgerald
Director of Content + Curation
Rachel Albright
Events Directors
Meaghan Creamer + Simon Burd
Social Media + Video
Lynn Kostelny, Jo Gowans-Eglington, Leah McCalliog, AJ Quon, Alayna Giovannitti

Global Executive 
Creative Director, 
Brand Marketing + Imagery
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer
Sue Otto

Project Date
Fall 2016

“Bieber’s impact wasn’t just felt at the cash register. The release of the collection saw a huge boost in social exposure for Urban Outfitters. There were long lines for the merchandise at locations across the globe. And the company’s Purpose Tour launch events were all over social media.”

—Teen Vogue, Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour Merch Saved Urban Outfitters

“We’re thinking Bieber’s goods, which will launch in all Urban Outfitters stores this Friday, have similar sellout potential. UO will be hosting public events in New York, Los Angeles, and London on August 5. The events will feature live music, giveaways, and general pandemonium (just guessing).”

–GQ, You’ll Finally Be Able To Afford Justin Bieber’s Tour Merch

“To support the release, the brand held events in New York, London and Los Angeles, which were all covered extensively on social media; altogether, the launch represented Urban’s ’largest social reach to date’ with over 237 million Twitter impressions.”

—Fashionista, Justin Bieber Merch Boosts Sales and Social Engagement for Urban Outfitters


“The marketing team worked on many notable social campaigns in the quarter, with the Justin Bieber launch registering as our brand’s largest social reach to date... The brand is once again the destination for their core customer. It’s in stores, online and via social media. The customer is engaged with the brand like never before.”

URBN Q3 2017 Earnings Call