Joanna Reagan Ewing

Adidas x UO

Adidas x UO

In Summer 2016, I led Urban Outfitters' Creative Marketing and Imagery teams in the conception and execution of the global We The Future campaign for adidas Originals, a key brand partner for UO.

Photographed by Petra Collins and featuring a cast of 20 emerging talents chosen by Urban Outfitters, the campaign honored adidas and UO's shared brand values and held a respectful understanding of our audience as a true community, rather than simply as customers.

The content-led campaign was released in August 2016 and showcased confessional-style mobile social videos and interviews from the cast alongside traditional e-commerce, digital, and brick-and-mortar components. A collaborative invitation-only music event was held in Los Angeles to celebrate the partnership, inviting attendees to co-create within a live performance atmosphere.

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Brand Partner

Petra Collins
Ebonee Davis, Alexis Jae, Jorge Wright, Alexandra Marzella, Braina Laviena, Miko Jasmine, Carlotta Kohl, Gabriella Bechtel, Lucas Bin, Gabby Richardson, Keisuke Asano, Lumia Nocito, Michael Bailey Gates, Malachai Spivey, Ralph Souffrant, Simone Thompson, May Hong, Rewina Beshue, Michael Lockley

Creative Director, Brand Imagery
Bobby Whigham

Director of Production
Meghan Eng
Director of Content + Curation 
Rachel Albright
Director of Brand Marketing 
Stacey Britt Fitzgerald
Social Media + Video
Lynn Kostelny, AJ Quon, Karl Beyer, Alayna Giovannitti

Global Executive
Creative Director,
Brand Marketing + Imagery 
Joanna Reagan Ewing

Chief Creative Officer 
Sue Otto

Project Date
Fall 2016

“I try to make the world a better place when it comes to making people feel comfortable with themselves and helping people love themselves for who they are.”

—Alexis Jae, Designer and Stylist

“adidas Originals and Urban Outfitters are the latest down-with-the-youth brands to drop a campaign that’s as much about being a good human as it is about being genetically #blessed. The labels have enlisted art/internet legend Petra Collins to shoot 19 other art/internet legends for Fall 2016, and the results are tru life inspo.”

—Oyster, Petra Collins’ adidas Originals x Urban Outfitters Campaign is Full of Internet Legends

“Adidas Originals and Urban Outfitters have pulled every single legend from your Instagram feed into the same room.”

—i-D, Adidas Brings All Your Instagram Heroes Together in a Beautiful New Campaign

“Some things can be left to chance, yes. But the future of the generation, the future of this society, the future of our world, should not be just left up to chance.”

—Braina Laviena, Model and Photographer

“Being in a room with so many exciting people offers the opportunity to be able to squint a little bit and to see the future more clearly. It’s hopeful.”

—Michael Bailey Gates, Artist

“Strike for what you believe in.”

—Ralph Souffrant, Model

“Party goers were prompted to #CREATEOURFUTURE by expressing themselves in virtual reality, augmenting 3D self-portraits. The results were then displayed in a massive gallery via projection mapping which doubled as visuals for performing artists Phantogram and Remy Banks.

Through multiple perspectives, guests created a shared future.”

- DotDotDash, adidas + UO Event Agency Partner