Joanna Reagan Ewing

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch

As VP Creative Director of Abercrombie & Fitch, I lead and work alongside a dynamic group of creative talents collectively responsible for reviving the 127-year-old brand’s global identity and creative marketing for a modern customer.

Thanks to this remarkable team, we've made great progress in evolving Abercrombie’s ethos, marketing, content, casting, photography, design, social storytelling, styling, voice, and character, making the brand relevant for today. Over the past two years, we've brought talent-generated content to the forefront, used the brand as a platform to amplify crucial voices, and infused the brand's ecosystem with content created by our customers on their own terms.

Through sustained team efforts, we've launched bold campaigns highlighting the brand’s continued support of diversity and inclusion, ongoing commitment to LGBTQ issues, and equal pay, as well as its contributions to local and national charitable organizations. Together, we are building a place for belonging, rather than fitting in.

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Devyn Galindo, Zoey Grossman, Ryan McGinley, Jack Pierson, Sean Thomas, Ben Weller

Creative Direction, Brand Imagery
Brittany Asam, Adam Ebert, John McLean, Brian Polk, Lauren Rourke 
Design Direction
Stephen Clough, Katie English, Danielle Magary, Matt Martin, Steph Miller, Melinda Rowenkamp
Styling Direction
Shannon Smith
Copy Direction
Jean Candido-Paz

Brand Imagery Team
Derek Austinson, Kyle Keigan, Jace Lumley, Daniella Ma, Katie Stout, Brad Weller  
Design Team
Carrie Doyle, Shelby Harrison, Monica Mitevski, Josh Raines, Colin Rigsby, Kelsey Socha, Emili Warren, Mackenzie Willars, Stephen Zhou, Micah Zingg
Styling Team
Billie Bird, Brittany Carder, Mia Ceccarelli, Kathryn Dinovo, Inessa Hernandez, Meredith Holmes, Elizabeth Kyler, Joseph Oremus  
Copywriting Team
Chloe Borah, Holly Coletta, Abigail Lucas, Kirsten Schwartzel, Lyndsay Theibert, Ahnika White

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VP Creative Direction
Joanna Reagan Ewing

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