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Brand Marketing

As Global Executive Creative Director for Urban Outfitters, Joanna led the Creative Marketing, Social Media, and Events teams in the direction of international omnichannel campaigns, experiential activations, and partnerships.

Brand Partnerships

Joanna served as Executive Creative Director for UO's partnership program marketing and imagery. Functioning as a full-service agency, our UO team matched partners and relevant talent for newsworthy campaigns, from concept to execution.

Brand Imagery

As Executive Creative Director, Joanna has directed industry-leading imagery and content for global retail brands, collaborating with a gifted roster of directors, creators, image-makers, and studio talent.

Content & Curation

Catalog & Print

As Creative and Art Director, Joanna has collaborated with over 50 artists on various catalogs and printed pieces. Photographed on film, many of these pieces are collectible editions.

Teamwork, Dream Work


The work shown here would not be without the brilliant brains and talented people who have put thought, time, and hard work towards making magic. Deepest thanks go to the many team members, partners, and peers along the way, and to Urban Outfitters for the opportunity to bring our ideas to life.


Studio + Consultancy


Joanna Reagan Ewing is an Executive Creative Director and Brand Consultant focused on innovative image-making, storytelling, and global marketing. For the past decade, she has held strategic senior leadership roles within both emerging and established brands.

Concentrated on the convergence of technology, lifestyle, and culture, she brings a balance of creative and business expertise to her consultancy and studio practice. Her culturally-relevant concepts and campaigns are responsible for growing brand equity and awareness while successfully delivering top-line results. 

Providing leadership and consultation on a freelance, project, or contract basis, Joanna employs over ten years of experience in assembling collaborative teams, connecting the dots between trends and culture, and delivering impactful creative work to clients in pursuit of aesthetic integrity and peak relevancy.

Most recently, Joanna Ewing was the Chief Executive Global Creative Director at Urban Outfitters. In this leadership role, she inspired, conceptualized and executed Urban Outfitters' global brand imagery, creative marketing, brand partnership campaigns, and experiential activations to deliver a comprehensive omnichannel customer experience. She assembled and directed the North American and European creative teams — over 100 talented individuals — and was responsible for Brand Marketing, Social Media, Content, Music, Editorial and E-commerce Photography, Casting, Styling, Production, Public Relations, Events, and Brand Experience.

“‘I love this customer very much,’ Ewing says. ‘I think the most inspiring thing is that lately, and I know we all see this, the fact that young people are really willing to put their values out there and come together.’”
- Refinery29, Teenage Dream

Selected Press


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